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Hey there Jeff and Marianne,
Just wanted to give you an update on Diesel.  At 4 months he weighed 46 lbs. 
and was 21 inches at his withers.  He is as mischievous as all get out.  
Despite every chew toy that he could possibly have he always finds something 
that he is not suppose to have.  He is looking forward to the possibility of 
a sister to have to play with in the near future.  He has been attending dog 
obedience classes at Zehfuss K9 Training in Lawton and was the most improved 
dog of the week last week.  Matthias is a wonderful trainer and I am glad 
that you referred him to me.  He is very knowledgible of dobermans and is 
always answering any questions I have and giving me ideas of things to try.
Donnie and I knew the first time that we met you and visited your kennel 
that you were who we wanted a puppy from.  You were wonderful to notify me 
with updates and allowed me to visit weekly and sometimes more often than 
that after he was born.  I could not have asked for a better experience in 
getting a puppy than I did with you.    I also appreciate the fact that I 
can call the two of you at any time I'm in need of instructions or need any 
type of assistance.  I believe that anyone who buys a dog from you will have 
an enjoyable experience and be very happy with their new addition to their 
family.  I know I did and am looking forward to doing it again.
Cyndi King


Dear Mr. Blackwood:
From the moment I saw a picture of you dog, Duke, I was captured by the power and grace he exuded.  My first reaction was "THAT'S what a Doberman should look like."  And personal acquaintance with him did not dim my admiration of him.  He was magnificent!   I was equally impressed by your bitches, Greta, Smokey, and Penny.  All your dogs were beautiful to look at, healthy, and very friendly and well behaved.  I mention this because my husband and I were initially concerned the Doberman's reputation for a sharp temperament.  Your dogs proved to us that Dobermans could be wonderful pets.
    When we came to visit, we weren't sure what to expect, but you soon put us at ease with your gracious hospitality and beautiful puppies.  We were very impressed by the obvious good health of all of the puppies and how curious and playful they were.  It was clear that you had spent time playing with them and had lavished a lot of love and care on each one.  And after we had succumbed to the lure of not one but TWO of your enchanting pups, we enjoyed the time we spent with them and you.  Each of the four times we visited, we were greeted with friendliness and warmth and much humor.  We had a wonderful time each time we visited your home.
    Our delight in the puppies has not waned in the months we have owned them.  They are well worth the very reasonable price we paid for them.  They are intelligent and healthy, and growing into large, beautiful dogs.  Their comical antics keep us in stitches and on our toes.  They are truly delightful.  Indeed, we know where to come to get our NEXT Doberman!

Renee Owens
Carrollton, Texas


To all prospective buyers of 3B Dobermans, 

    I just recently purchased a Doberman from the 3B kennel. I could not imagine a more pleasant experience in purchasing a dog. We had spent several months trying to find the "perfect Doberman". I must have visited 6 or 7 breeders before I found 3B. Within 10 minutes of being there, I knew I had found the right kennel. Jeff and Marianne were so friendly and more than helpful in answering my questions. When I saw Duke, I was amazed! I had never seen such a friendly giant! I was allowed full access to their facilities and was quite happy with its cleanliness.

    I was happy to be able see the new pictures they posted almost every week. There were several times when Jeff was kind enough to send me additional photos upon request. I often emailed them with questions and each time my email was answered that same day! I never had to worry. Marianne had even called me a couple of times to give me updates.

    I had seen several recent photos of Vegas, but when I arrived to pick him up, I was amazed! He was absolutely beautiful! At 11 weeks he already weighs 27 pounds! I have taken him to the vet and to see my family, and I can not tell you how amazed everyone is by how big he is, even the vet! His looks and size are not the only things I have to brag about. I have had Vegas almost a week, and believe it or not, I believe he is potty trained. He has not used the bathroom in the house since his first night here. In my experience, puppies usually have a hard time adjusting the first couple of nights. This has not been the case with Vegas. He came home and that very night he went to sleep without wining, and did not move or make a noise until we got up the next morning.

    Jeff and Marianne were so helpful in providing us with all the information we would need to ensure health and happiness for our new family member. In talking with them, I've realized that their dogs are more family to them than a business. I do not have anything but praise for 3B Dobermans. I happily give my full recommendation in each and everyone of their dogs. Believe me, you will not find a better dog! 

                                                         Jane Moore

                                                            Watauga, TX


3B Dobermans

My husband, daughter and I have a female Doberman from 3B Dobermans.  She is thirteen weeks old this week, 10-06-03.  Her name is Venus and she is beautiful.    At her first vet visit on 09-29-03 she weighed 22 pounds.  In addition to Venus we have two Daschund wiener dogs ages 1 and 5.  Venus gets along with them very well.  She has let the younger wiener know she is the boss around him.  I guess our older wiener set the rules early and has let Venus known that he is the boss.  She is very playful with her new friends, especially with the younger wiener. 

My daughter, Katelyn, is 10yoa, in 4th grade and uses both a power and manual wheelchair.  Venus does very well with her.  We are teaching Venus that when Katelyn is sitting on the floor or is on Venusí level and is told to sit, she does so and is calm around Katelyn.  Venus has never been bothered by the wheelchairs.  When we take Venus for her walk around the neighborhood and Katelyn uses the power wheelchair, Venus walks on the leash extremely well right along side.

Venus loves to eat, go on walks, playing in the backyard and when playing inside, tossing around all her stuffed squeaky animals and toys.  She sleeps all night in the kitchen and potty training is going very well.

Venus is a wonderful, intelligent and beautiful dog. 

Jeff and Marianne Blackwood are wonderful people.  Any questions about Venus were promptly answered via email or in person when we visited their home.  It is obvious that they take great care in raising their litters and that they breed a very beautiful, gentle, intelligent and obedient Doberman.  Their home and premises are very clean and their animals are well taken care of. 

I would refer and highly recommend anyone wishing to purchase the perfect Doberman to Jeff, Marianne and 3B Dobermans.

My husband, Katelyn and I are very happy with our new family member, Venus. 

Brian, Marianne and Katelyn Trail

Abilene, Texas



Dear Jeff & Marianne


I wanted to write and tell how worth the drive from California to Texas was in order to pick up our darling Ravendale.  Everyone thought I was crazy to venture so far away to get my Dobie.  When I first saw your web site with the pictures of your dogs, I was hooked.  They are truly spectacular and in person even more impressive.

Scott & I spoke to the both of you by telephone, in addition to my e-mailing Jeff almost every day.  We felt a great sense that dealing with you was so right.

My girlfriend Edy and I joked about meeting people on the internet, driving out of state, and staying at a strangerís home.  Something everyone is told to be very weary about.  What we found was a great warm, wonderful family with equally terrific puppies.  A breeder who really cares about their dogs and the homes and families where the puppies will live.

Everywhere we go with Raven; we are stopped and told what perfect conformation she has, in addition to her beauty and size.

My longtime Vet was very impressed and said she has never seen such a perfect Doberman puppy.  By the way I have taken my two previous Dobies to her.

All I can say is THANK YOU so very much for being the hands on breeders you are, and giving my puppy such a great start in life.  Like the Terminator says ďIíll be backĒ.



Jill Hudson

Scott Jacobs



 Oct. 13, 2003 

Dear Jeff and Marianne, 

            I just wanted to let you know that Deuce, my puppy out of Penny and sired by Duke, is doing great. I have had her a full month now and she has quickly adjusted to her new home.

            As a college student living alone, she has offered me great companionship and promises to look very intimidating to outsiders once she is full grown.

            Deuce is great in all situations and loves meeting new people and going new places. She has already attended a team roping, a show pig sale and gone home to visit my parents. She is great with the small child who lives next door and gets along with everyone she meets.

            I want to thank you for making my puppy purchasing experience so positive. Once I saw your Web site and then visited your home, I knew this was the place my Doberman would come from. You were always extremely friendly and willing to answer all of my questions. I was especially impressed that you updated the pictures on the Web so often Ė it made the wait much easier.

            I would recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a Doberman. Actually, I have recommended you too many people as, wherever I take Deuce, I get many compliments on both her disposition and looks. She is growing quickly and doing great in obedience school, as she is extremely intelligent. 

Thanks again for my perfect puppy! 

Katrina Waters

Senior, Texas Tech University


To all potential Doberman buyers,
    I feel that I must tell you the story that brought us to 3bdobermans. In December of 2002, we purchased a Doberman puppy from a "breeder".   His dogs and puppies appeared to be good quality puppies. We brought him home and 2 days later, while having his ears cropped, he died.  We contacted this "breeder" who promptly told us he had never had that problem before and did not guarantee his dogs after they were taken home!  We counted our losses and continued our search for our Doberman puppy.    The next puppy we bought from a "breeder" appeared to be healthy.  We told the "breeder" of our loss and he said he had never lost a dog at ear cropping and all of his puppies were healthy.  He guaranteed it. Four months and $900 in vet bills later, this puppy died from some sort of autoimmune disease.  We contacted the "breeder" that "guaranteed" his puppies and had never lost a puppy.   He told us this time that another puppy out of this litter had died as well and he was very sorry.   He also told us that he had lost other puppies, but offered no guarantee or re-imbursement or puppy replacement.
    Needless to say, we were a bit nervous about the third puppy, but we were not going to give up.  When we contacted Jeff & Marianne, we told them of our history of bad luck.  They were very sympathetic and not only told us of their guarantee but put it in writing.  We probably drove them crazy with emails, phone calls, questions, and visits to their home.  They welcomed it all.
    When we visited, we fell in love with both Duke and Penny (and Jeff & Marianne).  We now have a beautiful, very healthy and lively puppy that we have named
Drego.  He has such a sweet, loving personality and has blended in with our family perfectly.  We have also recommended them to one other person who has bought a puppy as well.  Believe me when I say that we will never buy from or recommend anyone else for the perfect Doberman puppy.  He is very intelligent and is learning his basic obedience quickly.  We could not be happier with our very healthy and happy Drego. Thank you to Jeff & Marianne for tolerating us and providing the perfect pet!

Kim, Suzanne, & Lori
Pampa, Texas


Hi Jeff, Marianne and all those friends you have there, 

My name is Jake, I was born at your place and then you put me up for adoption.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  Iíll let you in on the real story, straight from the guy who runs the show over here; ME!  At first, when so called dog lovers came over to your place and snatched me away from all my brothers and sisters, the word kidnapping popped right into my head.

            Yea sure at first I was a leg wobbling fool and I pissed on the floor a couple of times.  But hey, I had the real gripes, at first anyway.  It took these so called comfort experts some time to get me the right ďblankyĒ (this lady calls my blanket a blanky, whatever) and the sleeping quarters; itís away from all the action.  At least itís near the refrigerator.  Then this dude makes me my own special indoor kennel; what a dork.  I told him, I hope you like it because you are the one thatís going to live in it, not me!  But this is when things started getting real cool.

            They started buying me all kinds of stuff.  Rawhide bones, goofy toys, boxes and boxes different kinds of snacks.  Hell anything I wanted, I got it!  What a bunch of idiots; spending all that money on a dog?  Hey, get this, when I do the little snivel whimper act, they come running!  I sometimes, to keep them good and trained, wake them all up, oh, about 3 in the morning, ha-ha!  But hey, I take it a little easy on them most of the time; donít want to upset the food train, keep it coming baby!

            Hereís another plus living with these crackers, I get to sleep in the kidís bed a whole bunch, and the old dude broke down and let me on the couch.  That took some time however (you can only train them so fast).  I got a big yard, an outside kennel, an inside kennel and an inside sleeping hooch at which I spend a lot of my time in.  The dude keeps telling me what a nice job he did on the kennel thing, what a goober!  The only thing I have to do is to get this dude to lower the thermostat controls so I can reach them.  If they would only think, maybe you could recommend owners obedience school; I can only do so much!

            Well, all in all, these people are keeping me good and healthy.  At 41/2 months, Iím strong as an ox and Iím looking pretty sharp.  In fact, Iím the best looking dude on the block and hey, there are a few fine ladyís around here.  At first, I thought this family was loaded with oxy-morons, but now I think I can work things out for them.  Iíll do the best I can anyway.  Thanks guys for finding me a nice place where I can get whatever I want without even one stupid trick.  I was going to ask you to send over one of my brothers but then I got to thinking, I got it made over here.  Iím not much into sharing so tell my brothers to butt out; at least until Iím good and fat anyway.

            Hey, I love you guys and since these other dudes think I walk on water, Iím pretty sure I have it made here.  Maybe a couple of cow rings for their noses!  Well, Iím not sure when Iíll see you guys next, so I just wanted you to know, ya did me right, Thanks.


                                                                                    Who Luvs Ya Baby,








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