Past Puppies 

Puppy Pictures


These pictures are from puppies from our past litters.  Double click to enlarge image.

    Diesel, Vernon, TX             Diesel, Vernon, TX               Diesel

          Sire and Dam "Buddy and Six Pack"

 Blue, Archer City, TX                             Dale Jr. Longview, TX                             Deuce, Lubbock, TX

           Smokey/Duke                                      Penny/Duke                                               Penny/Duke

            Drego, Pampa, TX              Kael, Kiera, Carrolton, TX       Raven Dale, California

              Penny/Duke                       Smokey/Duke                         Penny/Duke



     Tina, Lewisville, TX                            Venus & Katelyn, Abeline, TX                       Lilly, Pampa, TX

        Smokey/Duke                                       Penny/Duke                                               Penny/Duke


            Drego, Pampa, TX                                   Venus, Abeline, TX                    Pete and RePete the MinPin

               Penny/Duke                                          Penny/Duke                                        Las Vegas, NV


 Sadie, Wichita Falls, TX                       Venus and Katlyn                        Ravendale and Santa

               Smokey/Duke                                                                                               California



These pictures are from an obedience training class conducted at 3B Farms

 Brigget (Parents  Duke/Penny)          Molly (Parents  Duke/Smokey)           Molly and Zeus (Duke/Smokey)